Peace of mind

No one is totally safe from fire. But the intervention of our experts protects you as much as possible from its consequences. In addition, thanks to the know-how and experience of our teams, your building is totally secure according to AEAI standards. This gives you the certainty of obtaining the permit to operate without having to redo any work.

Saving time

With six subsidiaries and more than 120 employees throughout French-speaking Switzerland, we are able to respond as quickly as possible. Whether it is to submit a quote, perform work or carry out maintenance. This saves you time at all stages of your project, knowing that deadlines are always met.

Guaranteed budget

Safety is priceless, as the saying goes. With Fire System SA, we put a price on safety: the fairest price. We propose a "turnkey" approach, with a guaranteed budget. In addition, our high level of expertise, combined with our modern intervention techniques and high-performance products, allows you to achieve significant savings.

Environmental responsibility

Wherever possible, we prefer neutral materials with low environmental impact. In this way, our society contributes indirectly to the preservation of the planet. We also give preference to materials that allow thermal savings.

Full control

A custom-designed software program produces a detailed report on each of our operations. You can thus follow, control and validate all the steps of the protection of your building in real time, using photos and the exact location of the intervention.

Accompaniment throughout the duration

Fire System SA attaches great importance to human relations. This is why you benefit from personalized support from start to finish of the project - including after-sales services - and always deal with the same trustworthy contacts. Needless to say, they are trained to fully understand your needs, requirements and imperatives.

How a fire starts ?

Sometimes it’s a matter of minutes

When a fire breaks out, the technical ducts, electrical cabinets and openings between slabs function like real fireplaces. As soon as the disaster begins, fire and smoke quickly engulf the area. The speed of the air flowing through these spaces is so high that a large part of a building can be destroyed by fire in just a few minutes.

Material damage (equipment, superstructures, etc.) is often irreversible. The restoration of the building, cleaning and shutdown of the operation generate significant expenses. Our intervention not only prevents the fire from spreading, but also makes it possible to secure the evacuation of people in the building and considerably reduce the costs of restoration.

How we operate ?

It is best to use preventative measures.... as soon as possible

In 2015, the AEAI published new regulations. These require training of fire protection authorities (fire protection specialists or fire protection experts) and are more aimed at reducing risks, through engineering knowledge and careful planning.

Before starting a project, the various participants (project owner, architects, fire protection specialist, civil engineer and CVSE, active and passive protection company) must meet to analyse and choose the best solutions and the most effective products. This is why it is always preferable to contact us at the very beginning of your project.

After the customer has approved the choices, specifications are drawn up for the companies concerned.

Thereafter, the RAQ (Quality Assurance Manager, levels 1, 2, 3 or 4) will follow up according to its mandate in collaboration with the M.O. or the M.O. representatives the proper execution of the companies' services according to the fire concept, will gather all the documents (Certificates of conformity, plans, etc...) and then transmit this information to the authorities to obtain the operating permit.


When safety and quality go hand in hand

Fire System SA guarantees quality and excellence standards at all levels. Here, safety always goes hand in hand with quality.